Office of expert witness


The office of expert witness coordinates a team of workers which except professional activity successfully realizes further projects in the area of public orders and competitive tendering.

The value is upgraded by high potential of educated people in projection and auditors activities of the office. We perform the projects in very inetresting building sites for inland and foreign companies. We have realized the projects of a large complex of traning facilities in Bratislava and the Cartographic Centre. This year we make activities in Ukraine, SHKLO and in Russia, Moscow, we perform projects of regulation measuring and controlling of rotation ovens.

In our country we can boast with our contribution in the National Theatre or improving security of Reliquiary of St. Maur in Bečov upon Teplá. We also work for the Office of the government or for our army. We can prove by these activities that our team had achieved high quality.

We try to inform public about prevention and security by media. For example ,in 1991 a brief article in Sokolov newsweek with topical information. Further on the waves on the radio Diana there were presented the interviews on the topic of the work of criminal investigation police and prevention at all. Next in 2001 we achieved a big success in TV programme. In 2006 there continued talking on the topic on security in the romantic radio KISS -midnights interviews.

Public Orders

Since 1997 we have successfull activities in contracting of public orders especially on the security market and we contribute with our activity by solving disputes by providing of public orders still in comformity with the law no 199/1994 Code of law and its later changes 148/1996 Code of law, 93/1998 Code of law, 28/2000 Code of law. Since 2008 we have started to devote to public orders in comformity with the law no 137/2006 Code of law, by selection proceeding and inquiry proceeding in the area of health care.

Nowadays, we have been orienting also on organization supply of providing of public orders and inquiry proceeding including law and consulting support of public orders. We have at disposal sufficient legal knowledge and also practical experience. You can be represented by consulting company of high quality which is able to assure during the whole proceeding right unambiguous and clear process.

The main features of the collaboration with clients:

  • We fulfill the wish of our clients quickly, in high quality and in a complex way.
  • We react flexible and provide our clients high quality and sureness.
  • Consultation activity in the period before proclaming of public orders during its realization and after its finishing.
  • Securing of complex running of contractation process starting from elaboration of acontracting documentation and finishing with the taking-over to the archive of a customer.
  • Recommendation of the choice of suitable type of contracting process.
  • Particular actions during the process contracting documentation, correspondence with competent authorities, elaboration of legislation declaration of contracting process, securing of obligatory of expert participation in the selection commision, leading of running of the sessions of the selecting commision, protocols and minutes concerning running and result of contracting process and announcement of results to the subjects which have taken part, concluding of contracts about supply and taking-over, finishing of contracting and preparation for the archivation of due documents.
  • Substitution of customer on all levels in the authorities during the section of evaluation and selection commision during the contact with suppliers as the Office for protection of economic competition and other subjects.
  • We collaborate tightly during the contracting process with the customers.
  • We secure that final decisions in particular stages of contracting process remain fully in the kompetence of customer.


Since 1994 we have been acting successfully in branch of projecting. We are able to project large buildings and to draw also even very detailed things like extention for family houses. Our office consider every customer as a partner. We make projects of electrical appliances including wirings and switchboards NN. Our office is specialized in low-voltage distributions and thanks to to this specialization and regular instructions from all known producers and suppliers we are able to supply high-quality work. We are able to print our projects in colour on professional printing machines HP Design jet and HP Business Ink jet up to the size DIN A0.

If needed, we are able to print up to the size DIN A0 also in colour on the foil. We made more than 229 projects including our foreign aktivity.

At present time we make projects as follows:

  • Electric fire signalization
  • Alarm system - Electric security system
  • Evacuation radio
  • Home radio
  • Warning acustic system
  • Structured cabels including computer network
  • Common TV aerials including digital terrestrial input
  • Satellite antene systems including digital input
  • TV hotel systems
  • Phone switchboards and distributions
  • Home phones and videophone
  • Industrial TV systems – Camera systems
  •  Measuring and regulation

Revision of electro NN

Since 1994, we are acting successfully in the area of revision activities. To this time we have realized more than 1210 revisions. We provide revision acts to the revision records-measuring instruments. We let to calibrate regularly our measuring instruments. Our revision technicians are regularly instructed. In case of finding of breakdowns we provide photodocumentation of these findings.

Activity of experts

Since 1997 we have made out expert reports to the disputes concerning alarm systems electric warning systems for state authorities as tribunals and police. We have made out reports also for legal entities. During our activity we found out for Headquarter of penitentiary service checking of the course of public competitions. We projected security solution of the underground of the Capital City Prague. We found out security audit for Pilsen transport company and for the company WITTE Automotive, as well for FAB (Security policy of the company.) We projected the solution of security for USA PA ambassy in Prague and further for USA Parker Hannifin (Industrial security audit.) We help at approval of buildings of reconstructed region tribunals in Chrudim, Chomutov and Děčín.

Further we have taken part in making out of security audits in commercial banks. Our work is based on experience and this time we devote ourselves to the systems including those about which people had not the faintest idea.

On our way we meet many wrong opinions and therefore it is good to use the real experience we have.

The range of the offer:

  • Expert judgements
  • Security audits
  • Security solutions
  • Security policy in compliance with ISO
  • Substituting at approval of buildings of security systems